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Fundraising for Church Hat, an animated short film

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

My name is Debra Williams and I’m the author and executive producer, fundraising for CHURCH HAT the animated short film based on the book. Go to the Fundraising Page and please help us finish this. Your contributions will be tax deductible.

I'm excited to work with experienced creative artists to bring you this story of a young, black boy whose mother surprises him while he is playing dress-up, secretly posing and trying on her fancy hats. Instead of being in big trouble, she patiently offers love and guidance with a supportive conversation that encourages him to talk about what he is questioning.

It's a simple story about how powerful emotional safety is. I wrote the book during the pandemic as a tribute to my mother and maternal grandmother after going through old photos and finding a picture of the two of them, dressed for church wearing enormous decorative hats that almost didn’t fit in the frame of the image. Growing up in our Jamaican household, I learned from them the power of listening and supporting others. They were sage guardians everyone trusted. The story is a tribute to them and their quiet way of ending generational trauma.

Follow me on Instagram and on Facebook. Any amount will help us to get this important story out for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Thanks so much.

Ciao 4 Now!


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